Poem : Synthesis of a Sphinx

Oracles, occults, and opaque omens They run through its blood and beams Oracles, they are the entropies of an ensemble Oracles, they are the ellipsis of an ephemeral Occults, they are the vaults of an ocular culture Occults, they are the ruptures of a vulture coast Omens, they are mooring for the nemesis Omens, they […]

Poem : Warps and Wraps of a Worm

A worm is alive ahead of its wrinkles It is a worm waging wars with waters Wrinkles that wind its whispers and wheels It is working with wicked warps of time Warps that wakes up at the whisker of wind Wraps that waggle around its wrinkled weather It was searching for lost times till yesterday […]

Poem : Riddles & Rivets

Riddles, I have them hid Hidden horses, harking masses Riddles, I have them red Hidden castles, molten caves Riddles, I have bleed them red Hidden shades, hoisted flags Riddles, I have read them red Hidden spells, hue of serpents Riddles, I have bred them red Hidden harvest, humid deserts Riddles, I have allowed them breed […]