Poem : Synthesis of a Sphinx

Oracles, occults, and opaque omens They run through its blood and beams Oracles, they are the entropies of an ensemble Oracles, they are the ellipsis of an ephemeral Occults, they are the vaults of an ocular culture Occults, they are the ruptures of a vulture coast Omens, they are mooring for the nemesis Omens, they […]

Poem : Interrogation of an Irrational Intelligence

Oh, big bard, Why do you circle around the word? Oh, wordsmith, why do you circle around the word? Oh, verse viking, why do you circle around the word? Is there a grave gruesome gravity in your lenses and gazes? Oh gargantuan gaze, why do gravitate towards miseries, mazes and misfits? Is it propelled by […]

Poem : Warps and Wraps of a Worm

A worm is alive ahead of its wrinkles It is a worm waging wars with waters Wrinkles that wind its whispers and wheels It is working with wicked warps of time Warps that wakes up at the whisker of wind Wraps that waggle around its wrinkled weather It was searching for lost times till yesterday […]

Poem : Seeds and Seers of Tomorrow

They are waiting They are waiting in winter They are warming They are warming whiskers They are fuming They are fuming to feed fire They are farming They are farming fathoms They are wired They are wired by whistles They are trembling They are trembling by tremors They are teething They are teaming with tissues […]

Poem : Virtual Reality

I happen to descent this dawn I happen to desert this dawn I happen to disdain this dawn Dawn of life, lights, lust, larks and lavae I know, ounce by ounce, own by own It’s rooted, riveted, raked all in real veil They norm it is virtual reality It’s layers, leeching layers above reality It’s […]