Poem : Synthesis of a Sphinx

Oracles, occults, and opaque omens

They run through its blood and beams

Oracles, they are the entropies of an ensemble

Oracles, they are the ellipsis of an ephemeral

Occults, they are the vaults of an ocular culture

Occults, they are the ruptures of a vulture coast

Omens, they are mooring for the nemesis

Omens, they are mending madness of myriads

Sphinx was a jinx, a jittering jab of a mob

Sphinx was a montage, made of mazes mixed in mayhem

Sphinx was a hermit, harnessing the harps of the woods

Sphinx was a riddle, raging on the reflections of a rhythm

Sphinx was a coil, caved in the crystals of a conjugal crux

Sphinx was synthesised, sabre to sabre, sawtooth to sawtooth

Everything else is a whirlpool, withering in worms and swarms forever

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