Poem : Zoonosis

It may be a mystery for medical science

It may be a mockery of the harmonious nature

It may be a mundane mist of a mundane retard

It is never a sign of a selfish survival instinct

It is just the design of a degenerate tribe

It is just a leap of leech and larvae that left them

It is just a locus of the lamps than burn their lungs

It is no longer a sign of species

It is no longer a surf of souls

It is just a crystal collection of cemeteries

That you see in the lifeless eyes of the mamals

Sorry, I. have forgotten!

We are also mammals

Now we have a problem

Who is hiding and who is howling

We know there is a zoonosis

We know their skin is breathing death

We know their seeds are swollen

We know their eyes are valleys

We know their tails are teetering

We are selling us salient science

We are sailing in swollen swarms

Sooner or later, you will see your cells

Worming out, warping in, withering out

You may call it your zoonosis or osmosis

Little do I care, nor my conjugal caves and crippling cells.

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