Poem : Why did Turing Talked to Zuse?

Why did Alan Turing talk to Konrad Zuse

It happened in the wicked warp of a world war

It must have been a compulsive conversation

Why did they talk only once forever

Did they mute one of them and mob the other one

One lived as a mute spectator ever since

Other died an inglorious death in a decade

Who is Konrad Zuse?

Why did he invent compounding computers

How is it different from Turing machines

Zure machines measured everything

Bombs, Rockers, Aviators etc.

Turing machines learned everything

Ciphers, Crypts, Conversations, Codes

Konrad Zuse made military machines

Did Alan Turing make military machines?

Ofcourse, he did! they both did

They both made military machines

What if they both made modern machines?

We have muted one and mirrored another

One of the master, one for the slave

We call them computers today

Those machines were compounders

They were compounding death

They are compounding money today

They are compounding connections today

What did they achieve out of modern computers

That guided missiles and bombs

That guided coded horrors

That convulsed coded cohorts

We continue to code horrors

We code in their memories

We cave in their memoirs

Were they coding for cradles or cemeteries ?

I am sure they must have confided to their own machines

I am sure they continue to confess to their modern minds

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