Poem : Epochs of Ephemerals

You have all the time

You may invert my time

You may circle my time

You may circuit my time

You may circumvent my time

You may split my time

You may sell my time

It is the sum of my thoughts

It is the sense of my tropes

It is the metric of my madness

It is the method of my mind

There may be logarithms of time

There may be algorithms of time

There may be rhythms of time

Yet there is turbulence

That transcends time

That triumph over the time

Yet there are reflections

That recoil the tyrants of time

That reserves thoughts beneath

Yet there are epochs

That ensemble in the ephemerals

That permeates the perennials

We will meet you in the myriads

We will mince your time tyranny

We will maze your time tropes

In the epochs of ephemeral ensembles

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