Poem : Myths and Maths

Media is everywhere

Media to me, Media to mirrors

Media to mint minds and mates

It is a mirror in my misery room

It is a maze in my morbid life

It is a mystery in my measures

It is spinning silks for my soil

It is selling seers to my savagery

It is preaching pupillary principles

In the capillary cast of my creed

It is a semiotic semblance of my spilt self

I could coil myself to feast its foliage

As it is more of a tree than a tornado

I could morph myself into a miserable moth

I could mock maths in this mosaic mind

More of a binary beast

May be a tertiary tentacle

More of a divergent dream

In this metamorphosis

The media myth became a mirror

A mirror with musical memes

Memes with mathematical measures

What am I seeing in this surreal system

It is a square sentence

It is a triangular truncation

It is a quadratic quagmire

It is a crystal cave of convolutions

It is a dilated dream of divergence

It is inside a column of circuits

It is beyond my binary reach

It is beyond my tertiary reach

It is beyond my quaternary reach

It is a media maze that I mince about

It is a media maze in my home

It is just a witness to my wilderness

It is not a singular self

It is the polygon of a polyphony

It is the theatrics of a theft

It is the prims of a prison

It is the purple of a pupil

I just augured in

I just eclipsed out

I just visaged off

I just mazed away

It has become a lattice now

With rivets, riddles and rhythms

Being divergent and diagonal

It is a conjugate and colloidal

Let there be swarms and arms !

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