Poem : Virtual Reality

I happen to descent this dawn

I happen to desert this dawn

I happen to disdain this dawn

Dawn of life, lights, lust, larks and lavae

I know, ounce by ounce, own by own

It’s rooted, riveted, raked all in real veil

They norm it is virtual reality

It’s layers, leeching layers above reality

It’s worms, swarming worms, abreast reality

It’s tentacles, tenets of tentacles ahead of reality

Then they soak and sulk in my blood

That they notion as extended reality

Then they invert me on my gravity

Gravity of my grimy grudges

Gravity of my gory gauges

Gravity of my affine aspects

All are lost, living and livid

There is a distance from my virtues

To the distorted diligence of my virtual

It’s my virtues and their virulent nature

That drove me trove into the virtual tribes

This virtual is a vestige in a vacant vortex

Infinite impressions calling crystal caves

Void vestiges rippling in null nights

Measuring mirages in null is dull

Measuring mirages in mazes is a mess

Don’t doubt me if you see my skull skewed

Don’t dig me if you see my lungs lost

Don’t dirt me if you see my lips leeched

Null nights are named and nascent

Null nights are numismatic nymphs

Null nights are nerds of necrosis new

Incremental imps limping on my skull

Null, void, vacant, vestige of virtues

Yet gauging every gory digits of a delusion

The efficient edges of my effluent self

They are prompting a pause pragmatic

They are preaching a prism poetic

Virtual veins of me, real rocks of me

Let them collude and collide and corrode

It’s the virtual , ritual, reality unfold

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