Poem : Bards and Ballads

There are romantic poets

Who are so optimistic

Who are so prismatic

Who are so vibrant

Who are so ebuillient

What makes them serene

What makes them seamless

What makes them a foil

What makes them a soil

What makes them a coil

What makes them a boil

What makes them a toil

Is it a new blood

It is a new breed

Is it a new bard

Is it a new bond

Is it a new bind

Is it a new agony

Is it a new honey

Is it a new money

It has nothing to do with romance

It was just a reflection of romance

By everything entangled to them

By everything entwined by them

By everything ebbing around them

Bards and ballards

They are conjugal to each other

They are covariant to each other

Let there be beams

Benign to the bards and ballads

Beyond the blissful beehives

Buoyant to the binary billboards

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