Poem : Minting Minds in the Wind

Mints of mind, they are everywhere

To extract the afterlife of metadata

To extinct the ashes of mirages

To exonerate the asphalt allegories

To extinguish the amino acids

To exorcise the alpine valleys

To yellow the white whiskers

To white the yellow letters

Myths of mind, they are roaring around

It is just a facade of a fizzog

It is a rebellion of a ravine

It is the caucus of a cascading conjugate

Mirths of mind, they are auguring aloud

Voices that veneer the vices

Visions that validate the venoms

Vagaries that vindicate the vo

Maze of mind, they are wandering wild

Mosaic of mind, they are etching around

Musings of mind, they pip prisms

Moorings of mind, they swarm silks

May be, mistake be, mind is a wind

Mind is a blind find of a hound

Mind is a wild bird of a wizard

Masters and Masters, my ordeal makers

Mind your mirrors, must I remind you

Error of the earnest, erudition of the endless

It will never sublime and submit

Dense forests are waiting to woo us

Daunting fissures are waving at us

Minds will mint for the echoes

Mints will coil for the carnage

Myths will. confide with lies

Mirrors will error for lovers

Winds, wild wicked fields

The sow has begun

The reap will be a heap

A map of minting minds

All the coils will coin the end

The end of a hysteric harvest

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