Poem : Livid Lattices

It was easy to unfold

It was easy to be untold

It was easy to curl

It was easy to cry

It was easy to cripple

It was easy to conjugate

It was easy to colloid

When I was a nomadic worm

When I was a mirth in the marshlands

Lattice that I live today

Lattices that I love today

Lattices that I lurk today

Linger in least of my locks

Lock in largest of my longings

Lattices of gazes

Lattices of gases

Lattices of mazes

Lattices of crystals

Lattices of lupines

Lattices I lead

Lattices I leech

Lattices I lark

They are fuming as a furnance

They are flipping as a filament

They have finesse as a folio

I know I am a vestige

I know I am a residue

I know I am a repellant

Let the mantles crust

Let the skies skew

I am read to mirror the myths

I am ready to mire the miseries

To the last of the livid lattices

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