Poem : A Curse or a Cure

Time for a riddle

Time is a rodent

Ardent arrows

Are curses

Are they curses

Are they cured

Are they convergent

I am born a burned sun

I am born a blistering bone

There is a shift of shafts

There is prison of prisms

An iron iris irradient

An ark of arrows

Awaiting our augur

It’s an evil engineering

It’s an evil earth

That’s edged out of an eclipse

That’s eccentric of ellipsis

It’s an evil earth of eagles

It’s an evil earth of enumerations

That’s where all begun

Greed, grotesque, gory giant

Humongous hoist of humanity

It’s bound to burst

It’s bound to bind a beaming end

It’s never a silent sojourn

It will be an eventful eclipse

End of an ellipsis of evil earth

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