Poem : Irrational is Irradiant

There are rational kernels

The routes are irrational yet

The maps are evolving around

There are rational convolutions

There are rational instincts

There are always subdued

They are always submerged

Irrationals are exuberant

Irrationals are spikes

We define the definities

We deny the indefinites

We delude the indefinites

We have not seen the irrationals

It is all but a mist of mistakes

Rational rivets, irrational ranges

Irrational echoes, rational waves

Irrational colors, rational shades

Irrational songs, rational rhythms

Let us undo the kernels

Let us undo the routes

Let us undo the maps

Let us unwind the whispers

Rational is a coinage, let us mint it

Irrational is intriguing, let us mirror it

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