Poem : Scavengers will Survive the fume and fury

I see the dirt on their wings

I see the lava in their hearts

I see larvae in their stomach

I see the fire in their veins

I see the silence in their eyes

I see the clutter in their ways

I look around

I can see the war mongers

I can see the necro-maniacs

I can see the anarchy-capitalists

I can see the trans-humanists

I can see the crypto nights

I can see the wood pickers

I can see the whistleblowers

I can see the ostriches

I can see the nymphs

I can see the hedonists

I can see the effervescent 

I can see the ineffectual

I can see the silver spoons

I can see the grass hoppers

I can hear their voice and velocity

I can feel their vibrance and veracity

I would love to follow their exodus

I would love to map their locus 

However I know they all perish in pace

However I know they all pass the prime

Only scavengers will survive

Scavengers of all your dirt

Scavengers of all my dirt

Scavengers of all your filth

Scavengers if all my filth 

Scavengers of all our filth

They will skin my earth

They will vein my earth

They will win my earth

Scavengers will survive 

Scavengers did survive

Scavengers do survive

Scavengers all around

Scavengers in silence

Scavengers in fume

Scavengers in fury

Scavengers in fissures

Like a cockroach in meditation !

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