Poem : A Conjugal Cogwheel

It is a curl, a curvilinear coagulant, conjugal converging curl

It is a thing in itself, a chiral, a termite, a spiral, a null and void

It is breathing, it is a sheath, it is a weatched, weathered hamlet

It is stone cast, it is wood pecked, it is worm eaten, it is ash blue

It is still remembering, it is still sensing, it is still pulsating

It is still fuming, it is still whirlpool, it is still westwind

It is still a vestige, it is still residue, it is still ephemeral.

It is still prismatic, it is still idempotent, it is still reverberant

It is still a motion, it is still a circle, it is still a torus, it is still a topology !

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