Poem : Order of Death, Chaos of Life

Order of death

Chaos of Life

Death is due for a pattern

That we see

That we forget

That we remember

That we erase

That we vestige

That we refute

Life is an anti-pattern

Defying myths

Defying algorithms

Defying miseries

Defying darkness

Defying deluges

Death to Death

We preserve patterns

We preserve whispers

Life to Life

We break the rhythm

We brittle our bones

Death to Life

We are invisible

We are isomorphic

Life to Death

We are invertible

We are inverted

We are skew symmetric

We are polarised

We are degenerate

We coagulate

We conjugate

Life to death to life

Death to life to death

Patterns and anti-patterns

Prims and Primitives

Bold and Whispers

Brittle and Withering

Patterns are poles

Anti-patterns are zeros

Rationals, irrationals, fractions, fractals

Fizzogs, figments, foils, fumes, ferments

They are all enmeshed in between

Between patterns and anti-patterns

Lies lies, true lies, living lies, latent lies

 In this labyrinth, we build mirrors and myths

Time, space, sphinx and everything else !!

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