Poem : A Lonely Lotus Flower

Fury of the soils
Fierce burns on the fingers
Fermenting blood in the foils
I fell down sleeping by the farm fields

It was summer and a sinking season
Fissures in the petals, a lotus is awakened
Only to see the plenitude of leaves
And a depth full of beings, veins of my earth

They are the leaves of a lotus
Born in a mud of dirt and wet sands
Floating so dear to the eyes
Beauty of the fathoms was fuming in the surface

Far from the heart of the clay filaments
The lineage of the airy cells
They carried the silence so long
This time the land is so loving

I am so closed and hibernated
When the whole world of leaves are soiled in happiness
The lotus stood closer to the leaves
Waving smiles at their happening lives

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