Poem : Solenoid

I know tears can be written

I know palindromes exist

I know alphabets are stubborn

I know words are turbulent

I know waves can be erased

I know epics can be foiled

I know ellipsis can be noiseless

I know silence can be spellbound

I know footsteps can be leaderless

I know parody can be rhythmic

I know tragedy can be episodic

I know echoes can be solenoids

I know saliva can be colloidal

I know larvae is a liquid self

I know lava is a molten self

I know skin is withering self

I know shades are stymied self

I know tears are written in neural lines

I know they viper whispers

I know tears can be unwritten

Errors, Errors, Episodic Errors

Ellipsis, Ecilipse of Ellipsis

I shall remain knowing

Until the last solenoid coils

Unto the last of the equinox

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