Poem : Morning Spells of a Worker Bee

Around three AM, he is awakeUphill, upon a solitaire gameLoving the heat of his sweatThe distance whispers of his honey queenThe nearness of the morning howlsThe mistakes and lazy gaze at the paining fingerThe smiling mirror in his fuming eyesThe smiling lips in his coupled mirrorsThe worker bee is dividing his bloodOne for his sweat […]

Poem : Mutiny of Shadows

Every thought is a fire Fallen on a grass meadow Even on eyes Odd to the shades When you are a green blood It’s quite faint, foil and fume Its was to be a mist, mourning myth Everyman is followed By the mutiny of shadows Everyone is crumpling By the mystery of epochs This is […]

Poem : Order of Death, Chaos of Life

Order of death Chaos of Life Death is due for a pattern That we see That we forget That we remember That we erase That we vestige That we refute Life is an anti-pattern Defying myths Defying algorithms Defying miseries Defying darkness Defying deluges Death to Death We preserve patterns We preserve whispers Life to […]